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Any Make, Any Model

You don’t realise how reliant we are on our washing machines until they stop working and the pile of dirty clothes builds up and all the clean clothes in the drawers and cupboards quickly start to disappear.

Fortunately, WA Whitegoods Repair can come to you and fix your washing machine today. Using only 100% genuine parts, and offering a 12-month warranty on both the parts we install and our workmanship.

Highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced, we can tackle any make or model of washing machine repairs Perth-wide. Even when confronted with the top-end, high-tech models that have most technicians scratching their heads; we’re the guys that can get it fixed.

Top-loaders, front-loaders or washer/dryers combos – we do it all. So, get in touch with WA Whitegoods Repair now on (08) 6115 0500 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you through your preferred method of contact.

We’re specialists

We use only 100% genuine parts
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We guarantee our workmanship

We’re Careful In Your Home

We know our customers have dreamed, saved and planned for their dream laundries and we do our best to make sure we come in and solve problems, not cause them. That means being careful with how we use our tools and where we place them along with being careful when moving your washing machine around so that we don’t bash into any cupboards, make any marks in benchtop or scratch up your tiles. We aim to leave your laundry in the same condition that we found it in, minus the washing machine problems. Our vans are stocked to the brim with genuine OEM (original equipment from the manufacturer) parts along with specialised tools to tackle most repairs on the spot. If you’re looking to get your washing machine back in action today, then your best bet is by contacting WA Whitegoods Repair now.

Often, it's a simple fix

Customers often get us in to repair their washing machines, thinking that it’s a big job and going to cost a lot of money. Fortunately, that’s often not the case. There are times where the drainage hose just needs to be cleared, the machine needs to be cleaned from a build-up of thick detergent, and other time a factory reset is all that’s necessary to overcome some program related bugs. When that’s the case, we do the right thing by you and don’t charge you and arm and a leg for your repair. We’re always fair with our pricing and transparent with what the problem actually was. We aim to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with our Perth washing machine repair service so that not only will you call us again any time you need your other appliances or whitegoods looked at, but you’ll also refer us to your friends, family and colleagues.

Easily tackling the tough jobs

In the events where things do get a bit more complex, WA Whitegoods Repair are your guys for the job. Even when high tech features, such as auto dosing or stain sensing, have malfunctioned - we're trained and capable to fix things with 100% genuine parts to get your washing machine repaired operating back to the manufacturer's standards.

We've seen it all

Chances are, your washing machine's issues are nothing that we haven't seen before. We're dealing with these problems on a daily basis and know exactly what to do when your washing machine is leaking, not draining properly, cycles are not being completed, not filling, spinning or just not turning on at all. If you want your washing machine repaired by Perth's leading mechanics, then contact us now.

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If your running out of clothes fast, the best chance you have of getting your washing machine repaired and back in action today is by calling WA Whitegoods Repair now on (08) 6115 0500 or by filling out a contact form below.